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Sweet Teatime Chibi Base

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Sweet Teatime Chibi Base

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Time for some sweet, soothing fun! This base comes with four figures on separate layers with male and female variants, perfect for Draw the Squad or YCH images!

Your ZIP file comes with:

  • Layered PSD, Layered MDP @ 8" x 6" @ 300DPI
  • Readme


  • * This base works best in a program that allows for the use of layers.
  • * All figures are drawn in full in male and female variants, should you want to use a transparency effect on the teacup.
  • * You will need to erase parts of the figures that overlap with each other/the cup.

You can:

  • Use this base for personal AND paid work.
  • Use this base for for-profit endeavors (e.g. as graphics on a monetized Youtube channel, as a base for commissions, etc.)
  • Edit this base as needed.

You cannot:

  • Use these resources on NFTs
  • Redistribute this base or derivative bases. Want to share this file? Just share the link to any of the following:
    • My instagram
    • My deviantart
    • My website at
    • My gumroad at

It would be lovely if:

  • You credit me for the base, but not necessary <3
  • You link me to work you've done with it! Find me on:
  • instagram at
  • dA at
  • my website at
  • gumroad at

If you really enjoy it and are feeling generous, you can always spot me a kofi.

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Layered PSD, MDP, TXT Readme

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