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Hi-Ho Marching Chibi Base

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Hi-Ho Marching Chibi Base

0 ratings

Base Includes:

  • 3 Head Shapes
  • 9 Mouths
  • 4 Facial Adornments (piercings, tiaras)
  • 4 Eyes
  • 7 Brows
  • 10 Hairstyles
  • 7 Bang Styles
  • 3 Eye Shines

Please note that some combinations will overlap so you'll need to tidy up lineart here and there. (e.g. some hairstyles overlap the face outlines, some bangs overlap the brows)

Your ZIP file comes with:

  • Layered PSD
  • Layered MDP

You can:

  • Use the base for personal AND paid work
  • Edit this base as needed
  • Use these bases in anything that can open a PSD or MDP (e.g. Photoshop, FireAlpaca)

You cannot:

  • Use these resources on NFTs
  • Redistribute this base or derivative bases. Want to share this file? Please just share the link!

It would be lovely if:

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You'll get ZIP file containing a layered PSD and MDP file + TXT readme.

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