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Stacking Plush Base

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Stacking Plush Base

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  • 8" x 4.5" 300DPI bases in .PSD and .MDP (FireAlpaca) formats
  • A variety of interchangeable options: 4 Ears (Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Human), 4 Tails (Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Horse), 4 Mouths/Noses (Round, Oval, Triangular, X), Wings (Feathered), and Horns (Nubby)
  • Optional accent stitching on its own layer

You can:

  • Use this base for adoptables, reference sheets, commissions, etc
  • Use this base for personal AND paid work
  • Edit this base as needed

You cannot:

  • Use these resources on NFTs
  • Redistribute this base or derivative bases. Want to share this file? Just share the link here.

It would be lovely if:

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ZIP file with layered PSD, layered MDP, and TXT readme.

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